PK Horse Training and Colt Starting

Training Rates

Full time training runs $300 per month.  Horse will be worked five or six times per week.  The also includes hauling horses out for experience on different trail systems.

Discounts may be available for thoroughbreds transitioning into trail careers.

Boarding Rates

Full care boarding includes 20 pounds of hay daily, turnout, blanketing and fly mask changes, fly spray application, wormer, and use of the feed room for storage.  Owner provided grain and supplements will also be fed upon request.

Pasture board is $350 per month.

Pasture board with a stall at night is $400 per month.  Includes bedding and stall cleaning.


Please note that at this time we are only accepting boarders that are also in training.



Hauling services are provided upon request.  Local transportation runs $50 per horse.  The rate for longer hauling is $2 per mile (based on leaving from Maple Valley, WA).  Prices may fluctuate due to the price of fuel.