PK Horse Training and Colt Starting

The Farm

Our farm offers a safe and relaxing environment for horses.  We have small barn, round pen, outdoor arena, and three pastures.  There is also a secure tack and feed room to keep equipment and food safe.

The barn has a loft for hay storage.  Currently we offer Eastern Washington orchard grass hay and alfalfa.  We also have local hay.  Horses are fed three times a day.  Grain and supplements (provided by horses' owners) can also be given.

The barn has three matted stalls with attached paddocks.  During the winter horses are stalled at night and have turnout during the day.  During the summer months horses are usually turned out 24 hours daily. 



 Fifty foot round pen with sand footing.



Our outdoor arena is 80 x 150 feet.  It has a mix of course sand and pea gravel footing.  The arena drains very quickly after a rain storm and can be used year round.  There are lights for night riding.



There are three pastures with grass and trees.  The pastures are rotated monthly so they aren't muddy or overgrazed.


Horses are safe and happy.  Daily naps are a must!